... exploring in my creativity further in 2016

07 October 2016

Creating again...


It's been a while since I posted anything and life has been incredibly busy and chaotic especially lately with renovations. I did find a little time to create though (and of course work behind the scenes with Kristin at PPF - creation of a different sort). I am hoping I will have enough time to visit you this weekend, so here are some of my paintings since my last post...

Balloons in the Setting Sun


Spring Branch

Birds on a Wire

Paintings finished on my deck (I so enjoy painting outside... that is over for this year...)

I did a bit of work in my art journal....

How I Spent my Summer

Rainbow Unicorn

Our Moon with Mark Twain quote

Until I went away on vacation, I also participated in Tammy Garcia/Daisy Yellow's ICAD challenge. The first two are a Mondrian look at the colours of my garden...  (Others are posted on my instagram account along with a few photo challenges.)

Garden a la Mondrian #1

Garden a la Mondrian #2

Another theme of mine was Birds:

Blue Herons


False coloured....(I forget what...)

Colours of my Garden - Abstract

And a few Zen Doodles....


Yuri on the Railing

And those are some of the highlights of my creativity this summer. Hopefully it won' be as long until next post! ;)

Happy PPF! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and I look forward to visiting you!

22 April 2016

Scenes from my Travel Sketchbook

If I am going away on a relaxing vacation, I often bring a sketchbook and a small selection of water colour paints. Sometimes I get a few pages done, other times none and once (Mexico) I finished the whole sketchbook!

Earlier this month I was in Costa Rica for a week and managed to paint two pages. There were these gorgeous bluebirds, almost like a blue jay but much fancier... they would hang around the pool and as soon as you left your pina colada unattended they would steal the pineapple garnish!

Costa Rican White-Throated Magpie Jay

And of course there were iguanas! My friends suggested I paint this one the colours of the Costa Rican flag....

Costa Rican Iguana

Happy PPF everyone!

Oh - Are you on instagram? I am finally on instagram where I first posted these, and a very few of the photos I took for inspiration. It's kind of fun for sharing a quick photo or for doing a photo challenge.

You can find me at@eva.tbd   
What is the link to your feed?


11 December 2015

Gerry the Christmas Giraffe....

Hi again! It has been awhile...

I've been silently hovering in the background at PPF though life has been so busy lately I have rarely had time to paint, or post...

During the summer I started a painting for a friend. It was supposed to be the "smear and circle" style I have been playing around with. She likes giraffes so that was the subject. It looked terrible. I hated it (didn't even take photos of it before...) I put it away but kept thinking how could I fix it and make it fun? Then I had the idea that maybe the giraffe could be a Christmas giraffe and I could paint his spots red and green... and it all started to come together.

His expression is kind of funny. One friend thinks he is planning to take over the world. I think he is eyeing the mistletoe and planning to eat it thus stealing all the Christmas kisses. Mischievous giraffe!

Gerry, the Christmas Giraffe 1

Gerry, the Christmas Giraffe 2

Gerry, the mischievous Christmas Giraffe

I am happy to say that my friend liked him, and I greatly appreciated the incentive to get painting again.

If I am not back posting again before Christmas (very likely), I hope all my PPF friends have a fabulous holiday season and all the best for a happy, healthy and creative 2016!


13 March 2015

Happy 4th Birthday PPF!

So hard to believe that is now 4 years since Kristin and I leapt with our idea of creating a weekly painting check-in, Paint Party Friday. It has been such a pleasure to see such astounding art and meet such wonderful artists as you. Thanks so much for partying with us! 

I did get some painting done this week in my journal, including a self portrait to show you "me"! Not sure it was needed as Kristin did such a fun one of both of us with our party hats on! (I was intending to do one of her for this week but as too often happens lately, my week got out of control...) Sorry Kristin. Thank you so much for being such an awesome partner as we get PPF ready to go live each week!

I am so looking forward to seeing what self-portraits and other art everyone did for the party - especially to see what you look like if you did choose to do a selfie! I'd created a few others over the year and was excited to try again. This time I wanted to try this "smear and circle style" I've been experimenting with lately - mostly with birds. (I guess I've only shown one before but I've done more.) This is the first time I've tried it for a person. Almost looks like I have a neck brace on instead of being the shadows ... oh well!

EVA by EVA - smear and circle style

Other journal pages pages done since last post - most of which I plan to write on later with a quote or thoughts are:

Valentine Tree




This weekend promises to be way too busy again but I plan to visit as many of you as possible. Happy Birthday PPF!

23 January 2015

Creating Again in 2015

Whoa! Where did 2014 and some of 2015 go to?

Hope everyone is doing well! I've been behind the scenes at PPF but never seemed to be able to get my own posts up or much visiting or commenting in. I have been creating, though on a small scale. I (mostly) completed my RAJ (Red Art Journal) last year and have started a new one for 2015. No canvases though   :(   My goal is to get about a dozen canvases done later in the year and to finish my art journal. This is some of what I have created so far.

For 2015, I chose 3 words vs the one word of the year as Chris Brogan and others suggest. This is my image to illustrate the words for myself. They are big rocks (based on the theory that you need to think of the big things first then the smaller things) The words are ECOSYSTEM (to focus more on my surroundings, systems, connections and the interrelationships in my life), BODY (both from a health and fitness perspective and also a "body of work" focus) and COMPASS (to help me check that I am going in the right direction). What is/are your word(s)?

2015 Words of the Year - ECOSYTEM, BODY, COMPASS

Bird on a Wire (Fence)


Joy - with words

Quirky (almost evil looking) Snowman

Finished 2014 RAJ 

Sample page from 2014 RAJ

Hope 2015 is starting off to be a fabulously creative year for you!

14 March 2014

Happy Birthday PPF!

Paint Party Friday is celebrating its 3rd Birthday/Anniversary/Blogoversary!! Wow - where has the time gone?? When Kristin and I started it, we had no idea so many people would be interested in joining us in painting and showing what they had painted at the Party. Thank you to everyone who has participated in PPF, and who has dropped by here because of PPF. It has been delightful getting to know you and incredible seeing all the work you have created!

I wanted to paint a few party "treats" for all of you - wish it were an in-person party and these were real... let's just imagine they are. All parties need cupcakes!!

and because one wasn't enough... I made a bunch more

Is anyone else fed up with this long hard winter we are having? (And lucky you if yours has been otherwise!) In my journal this is the type of thing that has been appearing to me. 

"come swim with me..."

I think I am going to listen and go meet up with this little guy soon!

Have a wonderful time at the party! Thanks so much for visiting and for being part of my art life.

oh and for Monday - a favourite of mine...


21 February 2014

Paint Party Friday and more Art Journal Birds


It's been a while since I have been to the Party... (except for working in the background with Kristin, that is.) I have 4 canvases, gessoed and sitting on my table - ready to paint but have I? Oh no... Well at least I have been playing and painting in my art journal though, so I finally have something to join in with!

For some unknown reason, birds are inspiring to me a lot these days. First a little blue jay - usually I see a few during the winter but this year it has been so brutal that very few feathered friends have been around. There has been the occasional chickadee and yesterday morning a gorgeous cardinal, singing his little heart out ☺ - no blue jays yet though...

Blue Jay flitting 

Blue Jay and Oscar Wilde quote

One technique a lot of people seem to use in their art journals is to pre-paint pages. I did that here and for me it was harder to figure out what to do with this darn page than had it stayed blank. I had seen a technique in paintings where an animal or face was painted using circles or black marks as shading, so I thought I would try that here. (Not sure I am even describing it well... or if it has a name... Anyone know?)

Great Blue Heron spread with van Gogh quote

Great Blue Heron (up close - double click to enlarge)

I am very intrigued by this technique/effect. I think I will try more!

After pasting a few thing into the journal, I was left with an odd space, so I decided to fill it by painting this quirky guy...

Virginia Rail

And then there were another couple of pages that weren't bird inspired but designed more to inspire me (or push me) to take action...

Next Step

50 Coffees Project

Looking forward to seeing your painting and/or art journaling efforts! Have a lovely week.